Yamaha’s Biggest Outboard Launch Ever!

Posted on January 25th, 2010

Prepare for a game changing year in 2010, as Yamaha is proud to unleash a new wave of outboards for all types of boating enthusiasts. From offshore and sport to aluminum and inflatable, Yamaha’s new outboards will enhance every experience on the water.

Leading the wave is our all-new V6 VMAX SHO. A truly revolutionary outboard, the VMAX SHO features a 4.2-litre big bore four-stroke V6 powerhead. Flat out, this new outboard is quicker, stronger, smarter, and lighter than any two-stroke—and features aggressive new styling! The innovative technologies used in the VMAX are adopted by the F225/250/300A offshore models, which also feature an increase in alternator output and faster cruising speed. 

In the mid-range and portable classes, we’re excited about our all-new F70A and heavily modified F4A and F6A. Using advanced technologies and features, the F70A is extremely light but powerful, making it an ideal outboard for a variety of lightweight fishing boats. The small and versatile F4A and F6A redefine portable outboards altogether with a “leak free” oil retention system for easier storage.


They said it couldn’t be done. No way could a four-stroke out run a two-stroke. They’re too  heavy, too slow…. The pundits are wrong. For 2010, Yamaha has revolutionized the bass and flats fishing world, introducing the all-new V6 VMAX SHO. (It comprises 250, 225 and 200 horsepower versions.) Yamaha has built a four-stroke that is faster and lighter than two-strokes, not to mention more fuel efficient and reliable.

Under the stylish new SHO cowl lurks an all-new four-stroke, Super High Output 4.2-litre V6 powerhead that provides the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Four-stroke engines are well known for broad, smooth power curves and incredible torque, and you can expect that and more from the new VMAX SHO. It’s quicker out of the hole, planes quicker than our VMAX Series 2, and achieves higher speed over a measured distance than its predecessor. http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/main.php?LANG=en


Weight loss has been achieved through innovative processes, such as plasma fusion sleeveless cylinders (instead of steel sleeves) to provide a durable surface for piston rings. The cowl and engine pan are constructed of advanced, lightweight composite materials. The VMAX SHO is 34 pounds lighter than its predecessor, making it the lightest production V6 fishing outboard of equivalent horsepower, four or two-stroke. And you can bet that less fuel will be consumed as well—about 12 percent less.



The Next Generation

Welcome to a brand new generation of Yamaha’s purpose built, V6 offshore outboards. All-new from prop to cowl, the F300/F250/F225 are the lightest, fastest and most fuel efficient models in their class. At the heart of the beasts is 4.2-litres of big-bore V6 displacement—the biggest  displacement in its class. The benefit is better performance and fuel economy; the surprise is how light they are.


The new V6 F300 is an astounding 246 lbs. lighter than the V8 F300 it replaces, and 51 lbs. lighter than the previous generation V6 F250. Weight savings is achieved with new materials and processes, such as plasma fusion sleeveless cylinders instead of steel sleeves, for a more durable surface for piston rings. A new lightweight composite engine pan is 61 percent lighter than an aluminum counterpart. It also provides more protection against corrosion.


Class leading acceleration comes from the larger throttle valve, intake and exhaust valves. These innovations and more have made the F300 13 percent faster at cruise rpm than other 300hp four-stroke outboards. This is where most offshore models operate. Translation: get there faster with less fuel.


A major feature with the new Yamaha offshore models—especially for those looking to draw large amounts of electrical power—is amperage increase from 45 to 70 amps. In fact, after extensive testing against other brands, the F300 was found to have the best-in-class alternator output. As for control and convenience, the new F300, F250 and F225 work with Yamaha’s new Command Link Plus Digital Electronic Controls, rigging system, and hardware.



Big League Technology, Lightweight Package


Yamaha is proud to unveil a new addition to our already full stable of outboards: the F70A. This all-new midrange outboard is lighter than all of its competitors and delivers amazing response and power. Using advanced technologies and materials, the F70A weighs only 260 lbs. (109 lbs. lighter than Yamaha’s four-stroke F75) and pumps out the best horsepower-per-litre in its class.


The powerhead uses a unique four-cylinder, single-overhead cam, four-valve- per-cylinder design. A single cam design saves weight, reduces parasitic losses associated with the friction of having an extra cam and allows the powerhead more intake valve area for higher volumetric efficiency. Lighter pistons offer a higher rpm range (5,300-6,300) for greater power and speed.


Like other Yamaha four-stroke outboards, outstanding fuel efficiency is a valuable trait of the F70A. Yamaha’s multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection System and unique internal engineering helps deliver better fuel economy than that of the F75 or 90TLR. You can expect all of the classic characteristics of Yamaha four-stroke outboards as well; reliability, durability and quiet, odor-free operation. This is an ideal outboard for many different applications and provides great balance with older technology.

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