X-Rap for spring Pike.

Posted on June 1st, 2021

My favorite way to catch shallow-water spring Pike is to use twitch-baits. Jeff Wood has also discovered how versatile using the Rapala X-Rap can be simply cast or trolled from a kayak out from shallow-water shorelines.

spring pike
Peddling the Pelican Kayak and trolling the X-Rap produces spring Pike.

The X-Rap is one of those lures that can be fished near the surface and also down to almost 10′. It’s plastic body is tough and the special tinsel tail flash really triggers fish into striking.

spring pike
When you hook a spring Pike on an X-Rap make sure it’s fought out before handling.

If I’m fishing a small weed area I’ll cast it and twitch it. If I need to cover a large weed flat I troll slowly over the entire area. The X-Rap has such a nice bobble that you don’t need to troll fast to get strikes.

spring pike
A snap-swivel is a great way to change twitch-baits fast and acts like a small metal leader.

Even fishing from a kayak an paddling/peddling slowly can produce lots of strikes.

spring pike
Cold-water Pike often strike short and end up with the back hook in their snout. Caution grabbing them when the front hook is exposed.

It’s a great lure to cast from shore or fish from a boat. I love using lures that enable you to fish the shallow water column, that look life-line and that have a great swimming action. Looks like Pike like them too!

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