Winter Whitefish.

Posted on February 2nd, 2018

Big water ice anglers are taking advantage of the freeze-ups that have made for safe ice apart from pressure cracks on large lakes like Simcoe in southern Ontario. With above zero spells in-between really cold temperatures anglers are wise to always use caution whenever approaching any pressure cracks area or uneven ice areas.


John Cowie send us these images of an excellent outing he had with friends jigging in deep-water. Whitefish can be moody at the best of time and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing lots of fish going under your  hole with your sonar, but not being able to get them to take bait, or a jigging lure. Location & timing is everything in catching these fish consistently through the ice and the best way to know the where/when is to keep in contact with successful whitefish ice anglers literally daily. Unlike other species through the ice, some of the best Whitefish “catching” can happen right in the middle of the day.

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