Winter steelhead heating-up!

Posted on February 11th, 2016

With recent thaws, ice moving out of Lake Ontario tributaries, plus some precipitation, fresh steelhead have been running into many of the tributaries making for excellent angling opportunities both in Ontario and Upper NY.


Aldo Nava, operator of Niagara Fishing Adventures had a chance to check-out the fishing and can confirm that conditions have really varied from tributary to tributary, and that fish are being caught at all of them.


Some already have clear-water conditions, while others are still muddy from recent run-offs. The Niagara River has been hit and miss due to recent strong winds on Lake Erie. Eddie Newton shows off a silver female that was already “plump” and preparing to spawn soon.


Several of the tributaries are producing both steelhead and browns which are being caught on fresh roe-bags, beads, jig-flies and small jigs/plastic grubs. The exceptional mild winter has enabled us to catch steelhead since the fall and it looks like we will be able to continue right into the spring!

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