Winter silver & dark steelhead.

Posted on February 27th, 2017

Dedicated steelheaders are continuing to enjoy mild spells that lets them get out steelheading even in late winter. That’s a good thing since most of our Lake Ontario tributary steelhead are a “winter-strain”. This is evident in the images sent to us by Brandon Weber.


Here’s a nice example of a winter female steelhead that is starting to change colors and get ready for spawning.

dark male steelhead

And here is an example of a dark male that is ready to “get-it-on” on the nearest spawning area. Drifting roe bags with a center-pin drift outfit is one of the best ways to catch these fish in water temperatures that are hovering around 4C. If you are heading out, make sure to use the lightest leader and the smallest hooks, especially if the water is clear.

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