Winter Lakers with Raymarine.

Posted on January 5th, 2021

Lake Trout love cold water and in the Great Lakes many spawn over shoals, reefs, along shorelines and even rivers like the Niagara. After spawning they are hungry and converge on baitfish that also move into the shallows to feed.

That’s where using a good fish finder like the Raymarine Axiom is priceless to find those structure breaks that come up from 40’+ depths to 10′. That’s where baitfish like emerald shiners, immature shad and spottail shiners congregate in large schools.

In my case I use the Axiom on the consul and the Raymarine Element on the bow to confirm that I am right above the baitfish.

Most of the time the Lakers hug the bottom and swim with their bellies literally touching the bottom as they swim in-between boulders to feed on their prey. In the Axiom image above you can see the rocky bottom and a trophy Laker swimming real close. It’s nice when you can see the structure break, you find the baitfish and you see the fish before you hook them.  With Raymarine “fish can’t hide”!!



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