Winter “beading” for steelhead.

Posted on February 2nd, 2017

Matt Cory from Topset Sportfishing sent us these images of recently caught winter steel head on steelhead beads. For those that may not have used there before here are some tips you may want to consider and use.


Beads work extremely well when you are fishing runs and pools that have some flow to them from light to fast. Use acrylic beads if you are fishing slower water since they will suspend better under a float as they drift with the slower current. Use glass beads if you are fishing faster water where you want the bead to keep close contact to the bottom.


Always a good idea to “pin” your bead either by using a double or triple loop of line through it, a small elastic band, or a flexible pin or toothpick to the line about 1-2” up from the hook. Lastly use a small hook anywhere from a #8-#14. I find the smaller hooks are less visible to the fish, more “snag-proof” going along the bottom, and when you get a pick-up, they are “sticky” and usually produce good hook-sets.

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