Willow & cattail tributary steelhead.

Posted on April 1st, 2016

Spring steelheading means fishing the first current areas in tributaries close to the Great Lakes mouths.

PYP_8757 Peter_Yeung_focus

In many cases this means drifting slow-water we often call “frog-water” with sensitive floats, light line, long rift rods & reels and fresh roe bags.

PYP_9070 Peter_Yeung_hello

This kind of steelheading can be very interesting since 13’+ rods don’t really mix well with overhanging trees and log-jams in the water.

PYP_9061 Peter_Yeung_Italo_fight

This makes for challenging steelheading and if you are lucky enough to hook a fish, you usually end up wading in the water for a quick “catch & release”. Too much brush along the shore to mess with!

PYP_8937 Peter_Yeung_steelie

When I’m fishing these conditions I still like to use a 13′ drift-rod like the Rapala Concept Ti matched with the Concept Ti drift reel and Sufix Seige 8 lb. test colored main line and 6 lb. fluorocarbon leaders. The bait of choice….fresh roe bags of course!!

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