Who said the Bass fishing shuts down in the late fall ?!?!.

Posted on December 13th, 2010

Who said the Bass fishing shuts down this time of year ?!?!. Well, us boys at the Waterloo Wellington chapter of the CBAF know a little secret..it’s often the best time of the year!  As a matter of fact, when the temperature drops the Smallmouth fishing only gets better and by late November on many bodies water, the fishing can be absolutely surreal. 50 fish days are not uncommon!  Once again this year there were many trophy Smallies being caught in the 4 lb to 7 lb range, with a hand full of fish weighing in at over 8 lbs, WOW !!!

I had a great time this fall fishing competitive Smallmouth tournaments with my good friends Ryan Susanna, who is the V.P. of the Waterloo Wellington chapter, and Flavio Gomes who won the club angler of the year for 2010!  Most days we placed well, and on those days when we did not get paid, the fishing was still fantastic and always a great time !

When fishing larger bodies of water such as Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Simcoe, we worked depths ranging between 20 and 45 feet of water.  We threw a variety of presentations including jigging spoons, drop shot baits and my personal favourite… dragging a tube jig that resembles one of the many resident Gobys.  Make sure you have a strong enough rod, reel and line because these fish are big, deep and ANGRY!!!

For more information on guiding, especially for the up coming ice fishing season, you can contact me at troutski79@yahoo.ca

Just remember to be safe and take extra precautions. Our great lakes deserve respect as the water temperature drops and the weather is less predictable.

Take care and I’ll see you on the water soon !!!

Ryan Edenborough.

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