When you see us wearing lot’s of cloths at Horwood Lake Lodge, you will know why.

Posted on August 10th, 2009

cs23_23_italobarb_pikeWhen we arrived at Horwood Lake Lodge, ON last May to shoot our TV programs everything was normal.  The air temperature was around 50F.  When we woke up the next morning, the temperature had dropped to about 10C, there was about 2″ of snow on the ground and the first thing we had to do was shovel the snow out of the boat and get the ice off the windshield.  Right after breakfast the air temperature was still cold and we tried to put as much clothing on as we had to make our 5-10 min. run down the lake.  Let me tell you, it was coooold!  We pulled into our first fishing spot where a small stream flows into Horwood Lake hoping to find some early morning walleye, but to our surprise, the first fish my wife Barbara hooked was a nice 4 lb. whitefish….confirmation that the water even in the shallows was still cold.  Next, we travelled down the lake to where two of the major arms of Horwood Lake meet.  I figured that especially under severe cold-front conditions, fishing a sand/mud flat at the intersection of these two long bays would be a good plan.  As things turned out, we ended up completing out TV show there.  It took all day, and we had to use the lightest line we brought and “shake” 4 1/2″ Finesse Fishon 1/8 oz. jigheads along the bottom to get the fish to strike and they did!  We caught lot’s of eating-size walleye up to 16″, a few nice pike up to 36″, and even some jumbo perch.  Remember if you are challenged with a sudden drop in temperature, and especially combined with strong easterly winds, pick fishing areas that you feel will be “high fish traffic” areas such as narrows, where two different arms of a lake meet (as was our case), and down-size your artificial lures, especially your jigheads and soft-plastic grubs, and fish slowly and close to the bottom.

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