When you need to “Fin-S Fish” into biting.

Posted on July 2nd, 2017

There are many times during the summer when air and water temps rise that Walleye can become inactive and in-fact do most of their feeding very early in the morning, in the late evening, or even at night. Many anglers give up fishing for them in the middle of a bright, hot summer day because, “They are just not biting.”

057A5290 walleye_finsfish_closeup

Anglers can still target and catch walleye successfully even in the middle of a hot summer day if they can locate them and use the right presentation to catch them. In-active mid-day walleye will either lay near the bottom off the edges of structure where they wait for low light conditions to swim to the shallower parts of the structure to feed.  In that scenerio the first thing is to use the right size/style jighead to get to the fish. If it’s off that deeper structure break it means a  heavier, round jighead and a longer plastic grub.


In weed-filled lakes walleye can wait it out laying right in the weeds until later in the day when they move out and start feeding. If it’s in the shallows, close to weeds, or in the weed-pockets it helps to use a lighter jighead and even one that is flat in configuration so that it “planes” from side to side on the fall and has more “hang-time” in front of a laying fishes “strike-zone”.  The Lunker City Fin-S Fish can produce amazing results in both situations fished with the right jighead.

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