When to “bead” and when to “bag”.

Posted on November 12th, 2018

Steelheaders fishing Great Lakes tributaries know that when the fish move into the upper sections of rivers and streams the best way to get them to strike is to either drift fish a single egg imitation or a roe bag.

This is especially effective when there are either salmon or steelhead spawning up-stream and releasing their eggs to downstream pools and runs.

Matt Cory sent us these beautiful images of recently caught steelhead from the St. Mary’s River, ON where he used both imitation eggs and roe bags to catch his fish.

My strategy for drift-baits is based largely on the water turbidity and levels. If the water is high and murky, I always start by drifting roe bags. If it’s still salmon-season in the rivers I try and use fresh or treated salmon eggs. If the salmon are gone and the steelhead starts spawning I try and use fresh steelhead eggs.

If the water is lower and clearer I often switch to a single imitation egg. My favorite soft-plastic imitation egg is the Luhr Jensen Egg. I use a soft-plastic egg if the drift is slower and the water is clear.

If I am drifting faster runs where I need to keep my imitation egg close to the bottom I use glass or acrylic single egg.

Being well equipped with both single eggs and roe bags makes sure you can quickly adapt to different water conditions and catch fish!



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