What’s so special about Plastic Swimbaits for Largemouth Bass?

Posted on September 25th, 2009

italo_largemouthWith so many plastic bass-baits on the market, is it really work it spending more money for the new Plastic “SwimBaits”?  In my opinion it is.  You can fish a Slugo, or a Fluke, but the new Swimbaits have an important action-tail that is very similar to one of my all-time favorite plastic lures, the Sassy Shad.  The Sassy Shad was never designed to be fished on the surface, but in it’s time it was a great jig/plastic minnow grub combination for all kinds of fish.  The modern Swimbaits have the same action tail, many of then are hollow, so they are very buoyant and can be fished right on the surface at very slow speeds, and the plastic material is dense enough that you can cast the baits a-mile.

Keep in mind when you watch this weeks TV show in TSN that Roger Cannon and I only fished about 5-hrs. to catch all of the fish for the TV show.  Two of the main reasons we caught so many bass was; 1.we fished Plastic Swimbaits with the right rods/reels/line/leaders, and 2. we targeted all the trees we could find that were either in the water, or just over-hanging the shoreline and providing lot’s of shade for largemouth to hold-under.  If you like to fish for largemouth, and you want to try something different, get yourself a couple of packs of Plastic Swimbaits and rig them Texas-style wiht some #3/0 – 5/0worm hooks and try fishing some trees that are in the water along the shorelines.  I have a feeling it won’t take you long to hook-up on a decent-size bass!

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