What to expect in Summer at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge

Posted on July 29th, 2010

Summer fishing at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge!
Summer fishing at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge!




– late June to mid August –

Air temperature – 65 to 80

Water temperature – 65 to 80. The Walleye are found in the main part of the lake feeding on the sandy shoals especially in the early mornings and just before dusk.  They can easily be taken on live bait like worm harnesses or jigs.  Generally a slow-as-you-go presentation is the rule.  Those “Crazy Northerns” (we’re still talking fish, here), want those spoons like the old Red & White Dardevles and Perch Rapalas.  Find them ready to ambush a meal (or in this case, a tricky piece of hardware sporting a hook), along the weedlines in 7 to 10 feet of water.  The Smallmouth Bass action turns on when the water warms.  These fiesty critters hang tight to the rocky ledges about two fathoms (12 feet) down.  They prefer small jigs with worms as appetizers…  To enquire about booking your next vacation at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge please follow this link: http://www.redpinelodge.com/index.htm the fond memories from your stay here at the Lodge will be many indeed.

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