What to do if you catch a fish with a “tag” on it.

Posted on July 7th, 2015

Our good friend Gabor Horvat just finished fishing the Bay of Quinte with his friend Oliver where they fished in strong winds and rain and managed to catch a nice mix of walleye, largemouth bass & pike.


To their surprise they landed one largemouth about 3 lb. that looked like it had two “antenna” sticking out of it’s back.


They turned out to be “T-tags” that the Ontario MNR & F commonly use to tag fish once they have been captured live, measured/weighed, tagged with a numbered-tag & released.


These tags can just look like two pieces of green strands since they can become algae covered quickly. Best thing to do is scrape off the algae to reveal the numbers. Record the numbers, the length of the bass, the location where it was caught, release the fish quickly and report the info to the local Ontario MNR & F office. By doing this they can track the fishes travel, growth, and other important information.

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