We’re shooting great footage on Roosterfish from Serena Residences, Mazaltan, Mexico.

Posted on February 16th, 2010

My wife Barbara, the crew and I are having an excellent time filming excellent saltwater fishing footage from Serena Marina, Golf and Residences, in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Today we travelled about 20 miles north in a 26 foot Glazier Bay centre-consul boat equipped with twin 150 hp. Yamaha 4-stroke engines.  I rigged up Rapala Magnum heavy-action baitcating rods equipped with Rapala Hydros counter-reels and 80 lb. test braid to fish for a variety of trophy fish.  Today’s highlight was hooking trophy Roosterfish in the 20 lb. range.  We fished live Mullet on a single hook.  The fish off the west-coast of Mexico seem to really like the Rapala X-Rap #12 and we are down to just one.  Hopefully we will be able to get some more to hook additional big fish.  As an added treat today, we spotted shellfish anglers snorkeling for oysters, we stopped by and bought a couple of dozen oysters and had them fresh on the boat on the half-shell with a squirt of lime….wow, they were awesome!! We’ll keep you posted daily on our fishing action.

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