Walleye transition strategies.

Posted on June 4th, 2018

This year we experienced a late spring, at least 2-3 weeks behind. Walleye fishermen have been bonusing-out on exceptional early season walleye fishing since many fish hung around much longer than normal in their spring haunts and post-spawn areas.

italo walleye

As we get into warm days, warmer water temps. the walleye will be transitioning to their open-water feeding grounds and spending much of their time around open-water weedbeds/weedlines, reefs, bars, points as well as the flats in the  main lake basins until fall comes around, water temps drop and they start their fall migrations back to the similar areas they were in this spring.

Trolling will become one of the most reliable presentations to cover water to locate their find them over large areas where there is little or no weeds or major structure. Once you locate them they should be in schools and you can effectively catch them either fishing live-bait rigs, and especially jigging. If the warm spell keeps up they will transition pretty fast.

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