Walleye fishing update from the Bay of Quinte, ON.

Posted on July 8th, 2012

[nggallery id=741]Gabor Horvat reports. Thanks for helping us at the Bay of Quinte.  On Friday we fished the middle section of the Bay (Hayward Longreach), but did not find any walleye, only a few bass and pike.  The wind picked up around noon so much that we could not fish anymore. We decided to go back to the marina but that was a tough call with the strong wind. Thank God, we made it.


The next day we went to the Big Island and had better fishing for walleye. Mot of the walleye were between 1-2 lb., but we did get some up to 3 ½ lb. .We also caught some nice bass and pike.


Around noon, we needed to stop fishing because of the strong wind. .Sunday looked more promising.  The morning started with a nice wind, but after a few hours, it diminished and eventually stopped.   The sun was strong and again, we stopped fishing now because there was no breeze and fishing in the strong sun, we felt like we were in an oven, especially with the suns rays reflective back at us off the calm water! .We still managed to get some walleyes and a few bass.  Generally speaking we had good fishing; we just lost lots of time because of the weather.  But thats  always part of the game.

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