Walleye can’t hide in deep water!

Posted on September 12th, 2018

I love to fish walleye in deeper water and especially in rivers where current and structure breaks make it even more challenging. Walleye don’t like to hold in really fast water or really deep water. For me the right combination in bigger rivers like the Niagara is to locate “seems’ where fast water meets slow water and the depth is anywhere form 20-30′. This usually happens at the back of points that stick out in the river.

Jeff Wood Walleye

The only way you can locate these two very important walleye holding combinations is with a good quality fishfinder.

walleye bottom

I mostly control-drift with my Motorguide Xi5 that is hooked up with a Raymarine Dragonfly 7Pro. Some fiishfinders get confused in fast water flows, but not the Dragonfly. In the above image you can see the walleye holding right on the bottom.

waalleye bottom 02


Walleye laying right on the bottom don’t appear as a “hook”, but most often as a “line” that is next to the bottom. With the DownVision this is easy to detect. Even though these fish are in-active (not hunting for food), they can still be caught if you pass a jig close to them.

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