Walleye-bobs, a fresh taste experience!

Posted on August 24th, 2016

For you fish eating lovers like myself I just thought I would remind you of a very enjoyable & unique way to prepare and serve walleye to your family and friends. I have named this precipice “walleye-bobs”, after our good friend Bob Ballantyne that prepared this recipe for the first time for us when we were filming on Brunswick Lake, in northern Ontario.

20160612_130517 preped_walleyebobs

The images are compliments of Pat Pagano who also loves eating fish and prepared this recipe just a short time ago. To make these you’ll need skewers, bacon, boneless walleye fillets and either an open fire or grill/barbecue. Take the boneless walleye fillet, cut into strips the length of strips of bacon you purchase in a pack. Next you place a strip of walleye over a strip of bacon and roll it up. Make sure the bacon is on the outside, it will keep the fish from falling apart as it cooks. Once you have several “bobs” prepared you place them on skewers and cook them on a grill or even on broil in your oven. As the “walleye-bobs” cook, the bacon shrinks around the fish and the juices fall off. You can imagine that you don’t need to add any additional seasonings as the bacon gives the walleye an amazing flavor. You cook the “bobs” until the bacon is pretty crispy and really tight to the fish. Even people that don’t necessarily eat fish will love them!!

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