Walleye, Bass & Pike action on Bay of Quinte, ON.

Posted on August 7th, 2012

[nggallery id=763]I had a chance today to fish with John Newton and Tom McMurray from Normark Canada.  We decided to fish the lower Bay of Quinte and launched from Deseronto, ON.  Conditions looked good, but the fishing was tough.  We fished Hayward Longreach and Tom hooked his first bass right away, but than we fished for a couple of hours without a fish on.  As we cranked the weedbeds at the mouth of Hay Bay, we could see about 6-boats fishing the same area with only a couple of fish caught.  From there we headed to the south shore of Hay Bay and again cranked some excellent looking weedlines, no fish.  Next, we fished Mallory Bay along with about 8-other boats and we only saw one fish landed.  Our goal was to keep fishing good looking weedbeds until we found the fish.

The Hayward Longreach section of the bay had heavy algae growth and a surface water temperature of around 28C.  As we worked our way closer to Lake Ontario, the surface water temperature dropped to about 23C, the algae diminished and we started to hook more bass, walleye and a nice pike.

All three of us were using Rapala Shift & Concept Ti rods equipped with Rapala Shift, Andros, & Volt reels.  All our reels were loaded with Sufix 832 braided line equipped with Sufix fluorocarbon leaers.  One of our goals was to “test-fish” with several new crankbaits Rapala launched this year and you can see the lures in the various fishes mouth.  Some were form the Storm series, others from the Rapala line, and of course, we also fished the Rapala Tail Dancer #9, which is my favorite lure to fish on the Bay and it did produce the large pike.  By 2pm winds were howling from the west and we started to head back.

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