Wacky Jacks for amazing Bass fishing.

Posted on September 24th, 2019

If you bass fish right up until it gets cold, you know that both smallmouth & largemouth bass can really slow down their activity level. When water temperatures drop and bass become more lathargic, that’s the time to slow down your presentation and use soft-plastics. Some anglers enjoy using a drop-shot rig, I personally prefer to use a “wacky-worm” rig with either a weighted or unweighted hook.

Some of my top soft-plastics to fish “wacky-style” are the Fishing Compete series of worms designed exactly for that purpose. Above you can see my “wacky-kit” that consists of the best O’Wacky Tool on the market to slide the O-rings onto any plastic worms, the O-rings and a nice assortment of wacky-worms.

Lately I have found that the bright pink color (bubble gum) has worked especially well in stained water. We were just filming up at Mashkinonje Lodge on Nipissings West Arm where the water visibility was about 12″, perfect for the bright pink worms.

If you want to work your “wacky-rig” faster to cover more water try using a VMC Shakey Head Jig in either a 1/16 or 1/8 oz. I find the hook size is ideal and the sink-rate great to work your worm quicker through the water column.

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