VMC in-line single hooks for crankbaits.

Posted on April 21st, 2021

As we gear-up to fish for bass and pike using crankbaits and body baits I wanted to share a great alternative by replacing the treble hooks with VMC “in-line” hooks. I have experimented using crankbaits with trebles and singles and I have come to believe that in shallow-water conditions, the in-line single hooks catch less weeds and bottom and hook-up fish as well as a treble and may even hold on to a jumping fish like a bass better with just a single hook!

The VMC in-line singles have the hook-eye parallel to the hook, not “perpendicular” as with regular hooks. Since they are in-line you can rig them so that the hook is always pointing out in the best possible “hook-up” position.

It’s simple to change from trebles to in-line singles on most hard-body lures. I normally up-size the hook size when I switch to an in-line single.

In-line single hooks come in the most popular sizes and can also be used to replace trebles on

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