Vigurus mats for ice fishing?

Posted on March 6th, 2019

I love to ice fish when ice conditions are safe and the temperatures are above -10C. I don’t even mind ice fishing in milder temperatures when the snow starts to melt on the ice but that can make for messy and wet ice fishing conditions.

This season for the first time I started using the Vigurus mats around my ice holes. The mats worked out great when I was kneeling down adjusting the TipNJig tip-ups and also when I would fight a fish. The mats have about 1/2″ high soft-spikes that are surrounded by air pockets which makes them very comfortable to kneel or stand on, and keep your feet/knees off the ice. If temperatures freeze and the water on the mats start to freeze, you just pick them up and give them a shake. They are so flexible that the ice flies off. They are light-weight and easy to transport in a back pack or in a sled.

The fish appreciate it too. Instead of having your fish flop around on the ice, I laid them down on the mat when unhooking before their release.

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