Using sensitive floats for spring steelhead.

Posted on March 26th, 2016

Drift fishing with a float for steelhead is a standard presentation that is used both on Canada’s west-coast and in the Lake Ontario tributaries through the fall, winter and spring.


When water conditions are cold as they are in early spring steelhead can be very leary of taking any drift-presentation and sometimes will strike very gently. That’s when it’s important to use a very sensitive float that is buoyant enough to naturally drift roe bags, flies, & egg imitations, and also slick enough so that a fish does not feel any resistance when it takes the bait or lure.


Peter Yeung professinal photographer and steelheader show the results of using the right style and size float! On our last steelhead outing we tested the CoolWatersFloats with excellent results. These floats are made of wood, they have a strong shaft, and slick body. They cast well, float well with a 2-3 #3 split-shot sinkers and they are very sensitive.  Using the right float can really increase your steelhead hook-up ratio!

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