Using right ice-fishing outfit ups catch ration and fun!

Posted on January 24th, 2016

Using the right action ice-fishing outfit can make a big differance in your catch-rate and enjoyment of landing various size fish.


I basically use three action of ice fishing rods; light, medium and heavy. The light action is ideal for panfish & small trout. I find that when I am fishing the small W2 & W3 Jigging Rapala or 1/32-1/8 oz jigheads/grubs I need a softer tip where I can detect the lightest bites. I usually run 4 lb test as my main line.


If I am fishing for intermediate size trout, eating-size walleye and hamer-handle pike I’ll go to a medium-action rod and load it with 8 lb. test line.


If I am targeting larger fish that can fight erratic like lakers, walleye and pike over 10 lb. I go with a heavier action rod so I get a good hook-set and also have more “spine” from the rod to tire-out the fish sooner.

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