Use the Strongest Knots to Catch More Fish.

Posted on June 8th, 2009

In my earlier years I spent quite a bit of time doing “pro-staff” promotions in tackle stores throughout southern Ontario.  On many occasions I had a Trilene Knot-testing machine with me where anglers were encouraged to tie their favorite knot to see at what “pound-test” the line would break, or if the knot would indeed cut the line.  To many people’s surprise, poor knots, such as the “half-hitch” , and the “clinch knot” are very poor knots that when you apply a lot of pressure to the line, the knot cuts the line!  So, here are the three top knots you should be using for all intensive purposes (not special applications), when you are fishing.  The #1 knot to use is the The Trilene Knot.  It is a strong reliable connection that resists slippage and premature failures.  The #2 & #3 knots are the Palomar and the Improved Clinch.  All three of these knots can be used for making monofilament or braid connections.  Make sure to always lubricate a knot before you tighen it (to prevent over-heating of the line-material).  Always pull the knot as tight as you can (without breaking the line), and always leave at least a 1/8” “tag” of line when trimming the knot.  Click on the thumbnail images below to see easy instructions to tie the strongest fishing knots.




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