Upper NY, USA, Lake Ontario Tributary Update.

Posted on October 22nd, 2010

[singlepic id=1389 w=320 h=240 float=]I took the morning yesterday to check-out some of the Upper NY, Lake Ontario tributaries with my good friend Aldo Nava of Niagara Fishing Adventures, and my pup Mulligan.  All the tributaries we saw were low and there was little flow.  Eighteen Mile Creek in Olcott, NY had the most concentration of anglers, but conditions were poor.  All of the Chinooks are dark and slugish.  I saw 3-4 anglers with either a rainbow or brown on their stringer.  I hooked about 4-salmon, but all got off using my fly rod.  I am suspect that they were foul-hooked.  Aldo had similar results.

The Oak Orchard is the only tributary worth fishing right now.  Ron Bierstine reports:

“This begin of the week fishing report goes something like good action for Kings with decent numbers of trout and Atlantics also hooked. Most fish and flows and fishermen are concentrated in the Oak Orchard versus the other area smaller tribs. Recent precip may help spread out fish and fishermen. There are still good numbers of Kings around and most are in good shape with just a few white ghosts. Brown trout, steelhead and even Atlantic salmon hook-ups are probably more then might be expected for this early stage of the season – so that angling should only get better. The nights are cold and there have been breezy conditions causing some leaf fall. There are more showers in the forecast later this week. There have been scattered numbers of fish in the smaller waterways, with anglers finding fish usually with a little leg work. Greater flows could bring more fish upstream.

There are salmon and more then a few trout in the Oak Orchard River all the way to the dam, some of those fish migrating straight thru on their kamikazee mission to get to the dam. Fish are still making their way upstream from the lower and middle river, but in smaller numbers then earlier Oct. The greatest concentrations of upstream fish are probably still nearer the dam, but more salmon are beginning to spawn now thanks to colder night time temps and that means they will spread out more. Fish are filling in the fast water gravel sections just downstream of the Waterport dam either directly or from dropping back from the dam. Small pods of fish are on the move at select times. Anglers will also find fish in the last of the frog water areas, yet those fish will linger less there, now being more concerned with finding upstream gravel love. The cooler weather will push fish upstream on a bit faster schedule now differing from the previous slow upstream migration schedule thru the end of Sept. Warm and clear weather may stall some upstream movement.

Gear fishermen are working harder for salmon hook-ups casting at the rivermouth. Catches now include more trout strikes, mainly steelhead/rainbows. Some perch are also being caught. A few fish are still seen porpoising around the Bridges. The cool weather now for the end of Oct will bring the last of the salmon upstream. Look for a mix of both rivermouth/lower river action with now better upstream fast water action as the Kings spawn and populate fast water gravel areas. Rivermouth shorebound casters might still score a few King hookups, but chances are better for trout or perhaps coho. A few small boats are plying the lower and middle River reaches casting, trolling and float fishing.”

If you would like to get more info. on fishing the Oak Orchard, purchasing high quality tributary tackle and gear, or you would like to book accommodations with Ron, you can contact him at, www.orleanoutdoors.com .

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