Upper NY, Lake Ontrio Tributary Update

Posted on May 14th, 2009

ron_bierstine_graphic021Ron Bierstine reports: Each of the high water events since January encouraged some fresh steelhead migrations and redistributed a few browns and darker steelhead thru all the tribs. The last high flows about two weeks ago perked the action back up in the smaller waterways for what now looks like the last bit of spring time action. Anglers can also look toward the larger tribs like the Cattaraugus, Niagara or Genesee Rivers hanging on to some late season opportunities. Check out the pics below of some steelhead action from earlier late winter high and off color flows.


Thru the past week anglers making the typical dead drifts were into some hook-ups on a few fresh and drop back fish mixed in on the Oak Orchard. Warming water temps also offer the chance at shallower swung fly presentations. Tributary temps will warm-up on lowering flows, longer days and any sunny warm weather. There are rising and off color flows in the overflow channel of the Oak Orchard whenever turbine flows cannot keep up with the water flow thru the Waterport Reservior. Anglers might consider re-releasing any fish caught there back into the turbine channel to prevent fish from getting stranded and dying later this spring/summer.


Overall the fishing pressure has been light. Weekends and milder temps are bringing only a few more anglers out and about. Some anglers are now pursuing 8 – 10 inch trout in their home waters instead of getting out for the last of the trib season 8 – 10 pounders! Mod – med or greater and cool flows in the tribs will prolong and spread out the fishing action. Low and clear and warming flows will stall migrations and bring the drop backs thru seeking cooler Lake waters.


Flows in the Oak Orchard are mod with slightly stained visibility of about 2 – 3 feet. Flows consist of turbine water. Any more precipitation could raise flows back up. The downstream, slower slack water is open and Lake Ontario levels are rebounding quickly leading to deeper, ponded water in the downstream reaches. The other area smaller tributaries have mod flows and just slightly stained water color. Thunderstorms thru last night will cause a small increase in water flows with some color to the water.


You can contact Ron at, www.orleansoutdoor.com .

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