Unique steelhead “wooly-nymph”.

Posted on March 31st, 2016

My good friend Bill Selby (aka Rainbow Chaser), loves to steelhead fish and in recent years has really caught the “bug” (pardon the pun), to fly-tie patters which he almost exclusively fished for steelhed all season long. I am going to be featuring 4-Bill Selby flies over the next 4-weeks which should inspire you to fish nymphs for steelhead when trout opening day comes around!


This is the first creation which I will show for those of you that know the effectiveness of drifting nymphs under a float. Take notice of the hook-eye location near the middle of the fly. This enables the fly to hang “perpendicular” on the line to the bottom which produces a tantalizing swimming action as it drifts with the current. Bill uses a special epoxy for the head to make it tapered and living rubber legs to add to it’s movement.

If you use flies under a float for steelhead, and you tie your own flies, I would encourage you to mimic some of Bill’s patterns…they work especially well…thanks Bill!

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