Twitching for Bass basics.

Posted on June 19th, 2016

One of my favorite ways to catch bass is to either fish crankbaits, or fish a twitch-bait. I love these two presentation because bass usually “smash” this lures are you work them back to you.

CS30 11 Wilderness Bass

Also, when I’m fishing both, I am off shorelines either working weedlines, weedbeds, flats, or rock-piles.

057A7005 smallie_rap_shadow_Shad

I have two concepth-strategies when it comes to “twitching”. Cold water, lathargic bass, fish deeper and slower. This is where the “diving” twitch baits work well like the Rapala Shadow Rap and Shad in the “deep-diving” lip. I fish these with very quick, short, continuous twitches that makes the lures almost work from side to side in one spot.

057A7338 gentle_unhooking

If I am fishing warmer water where I know bass are on the move and will accelerate quickly to over-take a twitch bait I use football betting predictions the shallow-running models with longer “slash-strokes” moving the twitch-bait much farther in-between flashed which instigates fish to follow faster and hit harder.


Next time you plan on “twitching”, consider the above, it may improve your success!

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