Tubes for Smallies.

Posted on September 10th, 2018

If I was fishing for smallmouth bass anywhere in North America in deeper water when they are close to the bottom,


I would definitely choose a Lunker City Tube on a jig combination and just drag it along the bottom. In inland lakes it would resemble their favorite food, the crayfish. In the Great Lakes where the evasive Round Headed Goby has become so plentiful, a tube looks just like a Goby crawling along the bottom.

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.Recently I had a chance to fish with good friends James Law and Patrick Casey on the Lower Niagara River, ON. Fishing the river is not the easiest task, especially when you consider the current varies from 2-5 mph and you normally have to contend with wind either blowing you with the current, or worse, against the current,. The challenge is fishing the current breaks and keeping your tube very close to the bottom. This means controlling the boat with the electric and trying to keep the lines as vertical as possible. We normally use 20 lb. braided line with a 3/8 oz. tube jighead and fish water anywhere from 20-30′ deep. I find a tube jig with a 60-degree off-set works well to “crawl” the tube along the bottom. I also try and use hooks that have some flex so that when I do hook the bottom (which will eventually happen!!), the hook will often open a bit and release from a rock than my having to break the line. Best color can vary depending on the day. I normally use darker Goby colors if it’s overcast and lighter colors if it’s a bright day. If you fish tubes carefully there you should catch smallies everywhere on the river!

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