Trout opener weekend steelhead.

Posted on April 26th, 2016

I don’t normally fish for steelhead after the regular season opens. My steelhead fishing usually takes place from Oct.-March of the following year. This spring I made an exception and had a great time fishing with good friends Bill Selby and Peter Yeung.

057A5008 peter_pool

We decided to check-out a Lake Ontario eastern tributary. Wake-up was 3am. Suprising how there is less traffic going through TO at that time (LOL)! We arrived on-site just as it was getting light and we immediately started hooking steelhead. Peter started off by catching a bright, pre-spawn female.

057A5026 first steelhead

As expected we landed steelhead in different stages of spawning; pre-spawn fish, and post-spawn fish. We only fished deeper water and left any spawning, or shallow water steelhead in the process of moving on/off spawning sites alone to do their business.

057A5060 bil_selby

Bill & I started by using fresh-tied roe bags for bait, while Peter drifted with an acrylic steelhead bead. Both worked well! Bill, above hold up a post-spawn steelehad that had it’s silver color back and ready to start feeding in Lake Ontario!

057A5029 italo_peter_double

The action was so fast before the sun rose over the tree line that we even started hooking up double-headers; on beads and roe bags. All of my fish were landed using the Rapala Magnum, 3-piece 15′ drift  rod matched with the Rapala Classic drift reel and Sufix Seige line. Hope we don’t get too much rain too fast which will “flush” many of the fish back into Lake Ontario. Would be nice to at least fish them once more!!

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