Trophy White Bass on Raymarine HybridTouch fishfinder.

Posted on May 10th, 2016

We saw some amazing images on our Raymarine HybridTouch fishfinder while fishing the Lower Niagara. While fishing with Larry Rencken & American Outdoor Writer Joe Sills, we came across some white bass feeding in a back-current.


Larry was near the consul and took a screen-grab of the 3-fish that were under the boat at the same time Joe set the hook into what I though was a nice-size sheepshead.

057A5326 white_bass_grubster

His fish turned out to be an  18′ white bass that weighed between 3 1/2 – 4 lb. We measured the fish, took a picture and quickly released it. Both Larry and I made the comment that it was the biggest white bass we had both seen over the many years of fishing. Larry  proceeded to check out the IGFA “length-record” on his smart-phone for white bass and to his surprise the record was 15″….Joe’s fish beat it by 3″. It’s amazing the Larry captured the image of the larger white  bass before Joe even hooked it. This definitely shows you how amazingly accurate the Raymarine DownVision feature is!

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