Trophy Redfish & Spotted Sea Trout on TriggerX tubes, Florida.

Posted on March 18th, 2013

[nggallery id=853]After fishing for trophy Spanish Mackerel, Mike Scarlett and I head to the mangrove shorelines betting the redfish would be working the flooding tide and feeding as tight to the mangroves as possible.  Mike took us to a quiet back-creek where he had exellent success about a week ago.  He had told me the story of fishing this same mangrove shoreline a week or so ago, casting his jig/plastic grub to the mangroves and getting the surprise of his life when his line went tight, he set the hook and a trophy blacktip shark came flying out of the water.  I thought that was unusual since most of the time we catch redfish fishing so close to the mangroves.  As fate would have it, we started fishing the same mangrove shoreline and to my surprise I spotted a 3-4′ blacktip shark cruising the mangrove and instinctively cast my jig/TriggerX tube ahead of it when it turned and grabbed it.  Before I had finished my sentence, “There’s a blacktip cruising the mangroves…”, the fish was on and made a spiral-leap out of the water.  I had the shark on for about 1min before it was off.  Sufix Fourocarbon material in 12 lb. test is excellent for redfish, but no match for a blacktip shark!

Both Mike and I fished the Rapala Rapala Shift and Concept Ti rods matched with Rapala Shift reels, and Rapala Andros spinning reels, both loaded with Sufix 832, 10lb. test braid and Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders.  Our lure of choice was the TriggerX chartreuse tube.

We continued fishing the mangroves and landed 3-nice redfish.  From here we headed to a shallow bay, rigged on popping-corks and fished the TriggerX tubes with a 1/8 oz. jighead about 4′ below the surface.  We immediately started catching nice spotted trout and Mike even hooked and landed a surprise Spanish mackerel which he landed without a wire leader.  It was the perfect day for fishing, fishing with my good friend Mike, our pup Mulligan, good weather, lot’s of fish and a serine, peaceful setting!

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