Trophy Redfish, Englewood, Fl.

Posted on November 22nd, 2012

[nggallery id=817]Today I med my good friend Mike Scarlett just before 7am and timed our fishing so that we would be fishing the bottom of the outgoing tide (ebb), and the beginning of the incoming tide (flood).  Unfortunately they weather forcast was calling for a small boat advisory due to strong winds, but we decided to head out anyway.  We started fishing a beautiful mangrove shoreline where Mike had good success for redfish a couple of days ago.

We were both using the Rapala Shift & R-Type spinning outfits loaded with Sufix 832, 20 lb. test braid and Sufix 20 lb. test fluorocarbon leaders.  Our lures of choicd where 3″ long plastic minnow grubs tipped with small piece of shrimp for added scent. We also fished the Rapala Skitter Walk.  Our strategy was for my to control the Minn Kota saltwater hand-opererated bow-mount electric so that we would slowly more about 30 yds. parallel to the shoreline allowing us to cast to the pockets right up along the mangroves.  As soon as one of us would hook a redfish, Mike used the remote Minn Kota Talon anchor system to lock us into position.  With total boat control, even in 15-20 kts wind, we were able to fish right where the fish were feeding.  We had a couple of instances where one of us hooked a fish, Mike anchored the boat in a split-second and we would catch up to 3-more redfish in consecutive casts.  We have to give a lot of credit to the electronics!

In addition to catching the “target” species/redfish, we also had some fun with pinfish, spotted sea trout and pesky blowfish.

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