Trophy Niagara River Carp on the fly rod.

Posted on December 9th, 2010

[nggallery id=384]My wife Barbara, our pup Mulligan and I went for a walk to the Whirlpool on Sunday to see how the anglers were doing.  Fishing was slow, and on the walk up “heart-attack-stairs” we met Anton Volek a passionate fly anglers that cherishes every outing he makes to the Niagara River.  Anton did catch one of the few trophy browns caught that day on a fly.  We continued talking as we got to the parking lot and we invited Anton for a hot soup in Niagara Falls.  Well, as it turned out Anton has stumbled on a pretty excitingg carp fly fishing pattern on the Lower Niagara River in October.  After a long conversation I expressed that I would love to do a fly fishing show for carp with him next Oct.  here is his email back to Barb & I and the images from one of his carp fly fishing outings:

“Hi Barbara, and Italo,

Thank you for the lovely lunch at your favorite spot yesterday. After a couple of hours of de-icing the rod guides the soup went deep into my soul. However, my efforts on the river were rewarded by a fine brown trout on a streamer in the wild waters close to Whirlpool Rapids. I am possessed by this magic place and religiously visit it every fall.

I mentioned that accidentally, two years ago I discovered the wonderful carping with streamers there. The pictures I’m sending were taken in 2008, and 2009. This year I was in Florida for the most part of October so I missed carp’s munching on the minnows that tend to die off around that time. It is absolutely fascinating to observe huge golden brown shadows from the cliffs, and casting the streamer expecting the take. A little bit of alpinism, patience, and 20lb “tippet” is all I need to be happy. While other guys chase salmon and trout, I always tremble in anticipation of October carp fishing at the Whirlpool.

Again, thank you for your tips on purple flies, and I wish you a safe and successful trip to India and tight lines with Mahseers there.


Anton I Volek BA CFP CLU

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