Trophy Musky caught on Sparrow Lake, ON.

Posted on October 22nd, 2009

[singlepic id=622 w=320 h=240 float=]Chris Bayley emailed us through Ask Italo to let us know that he assisted an angler after landing a trophy musky on Sparrow Lake, ON that measured-out and weighed in the low-50 lb. range.  Italo had a chance to speak to Chris yesterday and get the story.

Chris and his son Ryan where fishing on Sparrow Lake, ON last Saturday and met an angler by the name of Phil, who was launching his boat out of Lauderdale Marine, ON around 9:30 am.  After Chris talked to Phil, it was evident that he was planning to fish for musky.   Chris and his son decided to try their luck bass fishing, but had no luck.  Around 1:30 pm they spotted Phil trolling in a pattern around an area of Sparrow Lake that is 30’+ deep.  As Chris and his son fished near Gull Island, Chris spotted Phil waving him over.  Chris approached his boat and he could see Phil was struggling with a large musky that was flopping around in his boat, all tangled-up in his lines and destroying his equipment.

Chris helped to calm the fish, which had tangled-up lines and eventually broke 3-fishing rods.  What seemed like 20 min. quickly passed.  Chris quickly took some pictures; the fish was measured at approximately 54” in length with 26.5 girth.  When these measurements are imputed in length/girth/weight formulas, the fish should have weighed between 50-52 lb.   Chris also had a spring scale that bottomed-out at 50 lb.  Another person at Lauderdale Marine also had a scale, and the fish-weight registered between 42-51 lb.  Chris reported that the fish may not have had a good chance of surviving, and that Phil was prepared to keep the fish if it did not survive and have it mounted.

This fish was caught at approx. 2pm Sat., Oct 17th, 2009.  Phil was fishing alone for Muskie that day with good Muskie gear. He was trolling a large size, perch style deep diver using a cris-cross pattern.. There were several witnesses from Barrie Bassmasters club at the Lauderdale Marina as they all pulled their boats out around 3pm that day.

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