Trophy Largemouth Bass fishing using Rapala crankbaits on Big Bay, Bay of Quinte, ON.

Posted on August 29th, 2014

john_largemouthWow, what a great day we had yesterday battling winds and staying on fishing spots to catch some trophy largemouth bass.  We were fishing an open-water weed-pattern where we fished crankbaits on the edge of some of the thickest weedbeds on the Bay of Quinte.

troy_trophy_largemouthThe action started early with John Quast landing the first largemouth casting to some isolated weedbeds. By the way we were all casting the same lure, the Rapala Tail Dancer #9 in the “hot-chub” color.  Having fished the Bay for the last 40 yrs., I can confirm that this is “THE” crankbait to use when you are fishing the weedlines there.


Paul Scott above may have landed the largest largemouth bass of the day.  He hooked this trophy fish around 3pm casting right in the weeds. For those of you that may be surprised we use crankbaits in the weeds, they work! You just have to try and fish the open-pockets in the weeds and if you hit a weed, just rip the Tail Dancer so it cuts the weeds!


I tell the anglers I take out on the Bay that all they need is to bring a Rapala Tail Dancer in the #9 size.  For some reason the “banana” lip really helps to cut through the weeds.  The other thing that really increases your catch ratio is to use a braided line.  We fished the Sufix 832, 20 lb. test braid with Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders.  The Sufix braid has no stretch, an extremely low diameter so you feel every weed or fish, and if you do get a weed on your Tail Dancer, a quick “snap” of your rod, rips it right off!

john_quast_big_largemouth_bassFor some reason the Tail Dancer in the 9 cm length has just the right action from side to side and runs at the perfect depth that all you have to do is cast it out anywhere form 30-100′, reel it in at a regular speed so you feel the nice side-to-side wobble and get ready to set the hook.

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