Trophy lake trout TV show, Lake Simcoe, ON.

Posted on February 13th, 2013

[nggallery id=835]I had only this week to shoot 2-dynamic TV ice fishing shows since I head back down to Florida after the Spring Fishing & Boating show this coming weekend.  Well today, based on my good friend James Beauprie’s advice, I headed out about 5-7 km from the west-side of Lake Simcoe, ON.  We were joined by expert ice angler John Whyte who also helped us shuttle out gear and camera crew to and from our fishing location.  I was warned by James that it would be a slow, tough ride out to our fishing area, but he also reasured me that it would be well worth it.

Tough it was.  We were constantly plowing through water and heavy slush to the point that James ATV would overhead from time to time because he had to give it all he had in 1st gear so that he could keep going through the soft snow, slush and water.

This was my first opportunity to test some of the new Rapala Ice Fishing series products like their new Rapala Rap Shack Cruizer, their brand new Interface snow suits & gloves, their new Rapala Shift ice fishing spinning reel, the Rapala Snap Rap, and some new TriggerX soft-plastis like their Drop Dead Minnow.

I have to tell you that I was very impressed with all the new products! My guides John and James put us immediately onto trophy lakers and we caught fish ranging from 4-12 lb. in size, all on artificial lures.  In total we had about 15-lakers on and landed about 9-on camera! 

The Humminbird Ice 55 sonar worked extremely well to mark my Rapala lures and lakers in 113′ of water.  All of the lakers that were caught were marked from 10-20′ off bottom and all of them chased our lures up 30-40′ before hitting them….very exciting!!

Tomorrow I’ll be fishing and shooting another ice fishing TV show with my good friend Aldo Nava focusing on panfish techniques.  Aldo scouted a small lake located in the Niagara Penninsula today and between himself and two friends they caught and released about 150 bluegill, sunfish and perch.

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