Trophy ice-out brookies at Air Ivanhoe.

Posted on March 24th, 2011

[singlepic id=1742 w=320 h=240 float=]At this Spring Fishing & Boat Show I bumped into Joel Theriault who we had the pleasure of shooting many shows with when we worked with Air Ivanhoe.  Joel is a float plane pilot and excellent guide.  At the show he told me about the trophy brook trout fishing he has access to with Air Ivanhoe.  Here’s his invite,.

“I  hope your having a great holiday season.  I was thinking about the shows we did a few years back for bass, walleye, and pike … and thought about that invite to do a spring / early summer brook trout and lake trout trip.  We never did connect the following year, and I wanted to just let you know the invitation is still there if you’re wanting to return (and most importantly, can find the time).

Ice out brook trout fishing is always a blast, as shown in the attached picture from last spring.  At any rate, happy fishing … and keep us in mind if your interested in venturing back into the Foleyet, Ontario neck of the woods.”


Joel Theriault

www.airivanhoe.com <.


Joel, the offer is too good to refuse!  Those brookies are huge!!  Paul Lord from our office will be following up with you while I’m filming in India.

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