Trophy Gulf King Mackerel.

Posted on May 11th, 2018

One of my favorite off-shore fish to target when I’m pre-fishing and shooting TV shows in Florida is non-other than the King Mackerel or as many call them, Kingfish. These fish grow big, they strike baits at about  30 mph and make sizzling runs during the fight. They have lot’ of teeth and a brilliant silver body.


One of the key to catching them is to locate suspended schools of baitfish in the 4-6″ length. If you find the baitfish the King Mackerel are usually pretty close. We try and use the same type of baitfish that we are marking on our Raymarine fishfiner in the King Mackerel fishing areas. The baitfish are rigged on a double-hook rig made up of a #1 single hook and a #4 treble hook about 5″ back. A wire leader is a must!!

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