Trophy 18.3 lb Brown courtesy Slippery Sinker Bait & Tackle, Olcott, NY.

Posted on October 24th, 2014

slippery_sinker_brownOur good friend and owner of the Slippery Sinker Bait & Tackle shop in Olcott, NY sent us this picture of 18.3 lb.  trophy brown one of his customers  landed 5 min. away from his shop.  Eighteen Mile Creek in Newfane is experiencing an excellent run of Chinooks, some coho, steelhead and lot’s of trophy browns.  Most anglers are fly fishing using strike indicators with nymphs , streamers and egg imitation patterns fished a few inches off the bottom. Gear fishermen are either bouncing spawn-sacks or small chunks of skeened salmon eggs along the bottom with just a couple of split-shot sinkers, or drift fishing with a float.  Many anglers are also fishing jig-flies and small 1/16 oz. steelhead jigs under a float.

The Slippery Sinker located at, 5780 Main Olcott, NY, Phone: (716) 778-0713 has all the gear, terminal tackle, Vodoo Jig-Flies, a great assortment of cured salmon skeens and sacks, as well as selling fishing licences. If you get a chance over the next couple of months, drop by the shop, say hi to Wes the owner, stock up on what the fish are hitting and catch yourself a nice mix of salmon and trout only 1/2 hr. away from the Queenston/Lewiston bridge in Upper NY!

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