Trophy Brown Trout fishing at Niagara Whirlpool continues to attract lot’s of anglers.

Posted on December 3rd, 2010

[nggallery id=377]I took my pup Mulligan and headed back down to the Niagara Whirlpool today.  I waited until it warmed up a bit.  At dawn it was -2C, but by 10am it rose to +2C.  When we arrived at the Whirlpool parking lot it was full.  That meant that lot’s of steelheaders would be down on the water.  We made the quick hike down and sure enough, anglers lined the entire perimeter of the Whirlpool.  Most anglers were either drift-fishing with a float and spawn-sack, or drifting a spawn-sack along the bottom without a float.   I started by casting and retrieving a #7 Luhr Jensen Kwikfish.  After about 1/2 hr. I switched to a slip-bobber rig and started to aggressively work a 4″ purple fly 8-11′ below my float.  Within minutes I had my first brown trout on.  I ended up hooking-up two more fish in the next :45 min., landing one and loosing one close to shore.  I was able to get some pictures of Rick who had landed a couple of browns and he took one of my.  Mulligan was sporting her new Rapala Pro-Staff hoodie which my wife Barbara worked hard last night re-designing so that she would look good and be warm as our temperatures continue to drop.  If you love beautiful scenery and drifting for brown and rainbow trout, right now the Niagara Whirlpool is producing lot’s of fish!

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