Trophy Brown from Bronte Creek, ON.

Posted on October 17th, 2013
Micha Kubassek smiles as he holds up his trophy brown which he caugth drifting salmon egg-sacks while Chinook salmon fishing in Bronte Creek, ON.

Our good friend Joe Kubassek sent me this image of Micha Kubassek holding up a trophy brown he caught while Chinook salmon fishing in Bronte Creek, ON.  Migratory brown trout will often start running at the same time fall salmon do up the Great Lakes tributaries.  Many anglers have search for salmon which can be easily seen moving back and forth due to their size.  While brown trout are not as visible, it’s always a good idea to drift deeper pools and runs thoroughly before moving to another spot.

If you love to fish for migratory brown and rainbow trout, the rain we are experiencing now and drop in air temperature over the next two days will most likely draw more fish up the tributaries.

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