Trophy Brook Trout fishing at La Reserve Beauchene, Quebec.

Posted on June 27th, 2011

My friend Moshe Berger who lives in Israel recently made a return trip to Canada to go fishing.  Here is how his trip went.

[nggallery id=542]“We has a great time and caught over 65 Brook Trout and Splake in 4 days fishing at some of the La Reserve Beauchene, Quebec back-lakes.  I had an absolute monster follow my spinner right to the boat but didn’t take.  It was well over 6 pounds. My heart was pounding for quite a while.  My friend Abe caught a Brook Trout that was over 4 pounds in that same lake. There isa picture of that one.  It was strange that we barely caught anything during the last 2 hours of light.

[nggallery id=543]We also went to Oak Lake, north-east of Peterborough, ON for a day of Walleye fishing after the Beauchene trip.  I never fished walleye in the spring before so I took your advice and fished shallow weedy areas right next to deeper water that I normally catch them in the summer.  I had the best walleye day of my life. I caught over 8 walleye from 3 to 4 pounds. My friends caught a few fish combined. I started feeling guilty catching more fish. I wonder if the person driving the boat has an advantage, as he sees the finder has a better idea of the structure?  My friends felt that was the case!

As the weather became more stable and the sun came out at around 2 o’clock, we didn’t get a bite for the rest of the day.  Even the bass stopped biting.  I have never experienced such a shut down like that before. It didn’t matter though as we had incredible action up until then and felt quite satisfied.

I am coming to Toronto this summer and wanted to ask you advice on a bass spot.  A couple of friends and I want to go bass fishing within a 4 hour drive from Toronto. Cheap accommodations or even camping would be fine along with boat rental. I do know of several options I just thought that I would ask you if you can recommend a place with great fishing.”


Shalom Moshe,

Glad to hear you had a great trip to Beauchene and caught lot’s of walleye at Oak Lake.  I would suggest you to go Foster’scampground on the Bay of Quinte and fish for both largemouth & smallmouth bass, walleye and pike.  You can use all kinds of techniques there from crankbaiting, surface lures, spinnerbaits, soft-plastics, etc.  Hope you don’t mind if I brag about your catches on my Blog.

God bless you,


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