Trolling Cisco’s.

Posted on June 5th, 2021

Have you ever trolled for Lake Trout or Salmon in the Great Lakes and hooked a Lake Herring (Cisco)? Interesting enough I have caught a couple targeting other species.

My first one came from Lake Huron out from Parry Sound, ON where I was trolling for Rainbows and Lake Trout. My wife Barb & I were trolling in 300′ water when we started catching one after another on the #11 Original Rapala fished off our Scotty Downriggers.

trolling cisco
Lake Huron Cisco that hit a trolled #11 Original Rapala over 300′ depth.

The last one I caught was a few weeks ago fishing for Chinooks in 30′ of water out of Port Dalhousie, ON. It hit a Rapala Tail Dancer Deep #7.

trolling Cisco
This big Cisco hit a trolled Rapala Tail Dancer #7 Deep in 30′ depth, Lake Ontario.

I received the feature image from Joe Kubassek of his son Simeon that was trolling for salmon & trout off Superior’s north shore and caught his biggest 22″ Cisco while trolling.

Anglers can bonus-out catching tasty Cisco through the ice.

Cisco are excellent eating fish and can be plentiful in many waters. Due to their migratory nature and deep-water feeding catching them is usually limited to iced-over lakes when they can suspend at different depths and anglers can fish deeper water over safe ice.

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