TriggerX Tube smallmouth bass action, Upper Niagara River, ON.

Posted on August 31st, 2014

patricia_barb_bassWe took a few hours today to fish the Upper Niagara River, ON for smallmouth bass.  It has been some time since we had a chance to fish with our daughter Patricia so we decided to head out of For Erie, ON around 3pm and fish until 6pm.  We were drifting less than 2 min., when Patricia hooked the first chunky smallmouth bass.

shift_triggerx_minnkotaWe all fished the Rapala Shift outfits loaded with Sufix 832, 20 lb. test braid and Sufix Fluorocarbon Leaders with 1/2 oz. tube jigheads and TriggerX Tubes. Our presentation was simple, just drift with the current using our Minn Kota Terrova electric along the 18-25′ structure breaks we could see on our Humminbird fishfinder.

italo_smallie02The wind picked-up speed as soon as we arrived on the river and blew from the north (pushing us into the current), which made for challenging boat control.

barb_smallieThe fishing action was steady and it was not long before my wife Barbara hooked her first fish.  There was little vegetation drifting down the river which made for long drifts without having to clean algae off our jigs.

tubeSmallmouth bass love to feed along the bottom, especially for crayfish and gobies. That’s one of the reason why a 4″ tube works so well drifted along the bottom.

italo_smallieWe ended up covering about 2 miles of river and averaged hooking up about every 20 min. on a fish.  Upper Niagara smallmouths fight hard using the current to their advantage!

barb_trish_smallieMost of the smallmouth we caught averages 3-4 lb. and took our tubes so well that we did not loose a fish, even on jumps!

italo_smallie03If you love smallmouth bass fishing, the Upper Niagara River is one of the most reliable areas to fish right through the summer and fall!

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