Tributary steelhead, locating fresh-run fish.

Posted on December 6th, 2017

Joe Kubassek has been taking advantage of mild weather conditions and hitting the local southern Ontario tributaries in search of steelhead. You can see in the feature image that the recent fish he landed is very colorful. This means it has been in the tributary for some time and is close to spawn. Now that salmon are pretty-well done in most tributaries but browns still around and some still spawning, it’s a good idea to down-size your roe bags and switch from salmon to trout eggs for bait. Darker steelhead will beholding in the deeper pools with many of the fresh-run fish holding in some of the deeper, faster runs always getting ready to move from run-to-run. Covering those runs that many anglers walk by can sometimes produce some of the feistiest steelhead!

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