Tributary Steelhead & Brown trout update.

Posted on November 1st, 2016

November is one of the best months to target fresh-run steelhead and colorful brown trout  in all of the Lake Ontario tributaries. With Chinook salmon finishing their spawn, steelhead and trout will be holding in the faster runs and deeper pools looking to reach their favorite spawning grounds in the future.


Lucas Gagnon sent us these images of the beautiful silver steelhead he has been catching. The number one “go-to” bait is definitely roe bags but many anglers are doing well using bead imitating single eggs and even flies to catch their fish.


This colorful trophy male brown really represents how vibrantly colored these fish get when they are in spawning-mode.  They are excellent sport, make for great pictures and best to release them for other anglers to enjoy. It’s always good to have a mix of drift-baits and an assortment of lures like the Vibrax #2 & Luhr Jensen #5 & #7 just to make sure you are prepared if the fish slow-down on either bite. Over the years I have switched from one to the other with excellent results!

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